The Pulse of the Cannabis Industry, February 2021

The Pulse of the Cannabis Industry


Please join Expert Webcast for our monthly talk with Sturges Karban, CEO of ManifestSeven, a company that’s changing the way legal cannabis gets from A to B by building a fully licensed logistics network. 

Our discussion this month will focus on the rapid growth, institutionalization and globalization of the Cannabis industry, including regulatory, financing and investment considerations, and recent cross-border transactions. We will also address questions from the audience.

ManifestSeven has made several strategic acquisitions and recently commenced trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange.

This program focused on Cannabis Real Estate trends, transactions and opportunities, both from a company and investor perspectives. The discussion also included market fragmentation, supply and demand issues, sale leaseback and other transactional structures, and questions from the audience. 

Sturges, a Harvard graduate, has more than 18 years of experience across capital markets, investment banking, asset management, and high-growth operations.  As a leading authority on the Cannabis industry, Sturges has been featured in the Wall St Journal, Bloomberg, CNN, Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Business Journal and numerous other US and international media outlets.

Our conversation will focus on capital availability (institutional and private), fundamentals and valuation, M&A, COVID-19 challenges and industry validation, regulatory issues and likelihood of local, state and federal legalization.   We will address corporate growth strategies (logistics, distribution and retail), integration, the importance of building a brand, as well as current challenges and opportunities in the Cannabis industry and take questions from the audience

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