Restructuring Alternatives in Cannabis

Restructuring Alternatives in the Cannabis Industry

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The panel will discuss options available to companies and creditors in cannabis related insolvencies, including strategies under State and Federal law, receiverships, assignments for the benefit of creditors, other alternatives and latest case law.

Regulatory and Compliance Issues in Cannabis

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The panel will focus on current regulatory and compliance issues in the Cannabis industry domestically and internationally and their effect on corporate valuations, due diligence, capital investment activity and mergers and acquisitions. Speakers will also address industry...

WATCH THE REPLAY: Trends and Transactions in Cannabis

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Maturing cannabis industry is projected to reach sales of $70 billion by 2028 (Bloomberg).  The panel will discuss industry growth drivers, consolidation trends, restructuring alternatives, risk management, role of IP, access to capital, cross-border activity, valuations and...
Cannabis Industry Outlook 2021

Cannabis Social Equity

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WATCH THE REPLAY Cannabis Social Equity programs are designed to address and remedy the disparate long-term impact of federal and state enforcement policies on certain communities and to support equal opportunity in the industry, with the goal of creating employment and ownership...