Cannabis Industry Outlook 2021

Key Sources of Litigation and Managing Risks in Cannabis

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WATCH THE REPLAY Our panel of experts will examine current litigation trends in the Cannabis industry, including shareholder disputes, social equity, branding and intellectual property.  We will address Cannabis-specific issues, valuation, arbitration v. litigation...
Current Trends in M&A, Shareholder Activism and Corporate Governance

Strategies and Pitfalls in SPAC Litigation

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WATCH THE REPLAY Our panel of experts will discuss disclosure, regulatory and accounting considerations, as well as internal controls and corporate governance issues relevant to SPACs. We will also address areas of potential liability to SPACs sponsors, targets and their...

Emerging Markets Cross-Border Transactions

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MAJOR TOPICS: The global outlook for cross-border investment and M&A activity in the emerging markets Legal risks particular to investments in emerging markets; specifically in technology and natural resources Types and indicia of risk Transaction objectives and structures...