Cannabis Industry Outlook 2021

Driving Value in Cannabis Companies with Intellectual Property and Branding

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Our panel of experts will discuss IP protection strategies in Cannabis, the interplay of state and federal law, importance of branding and the impact of IP and brand recognition on valuation, M&A and business prospects of the enterprise.  We will also address questions...

Protecting Your Security Interests in Intellectual Property in a Distressed Situation

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PANEL: James O. Thoma, Stradling Yocca Marianne S. Mortimer, Stradling Yocca Dr. Alan Cox, NERA Economic Consulting Neil Morganbesser, DelMorgan & Co. MODERATOR: Alex Kasdan, DelMorgan & Co.  MAJOR TOPICS: Taking and perfecting a security interest in intellectual property...
Expert Webcast: Intellectual Property In Bankruptcy

Intellectual Property Issues in Bankruptcy

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PANEL: Kimberly Posin, Partner, Latham & Watkins LLP John W. Holcomb, Litigation Partner, Knobbe Martens Kristopher A. Boushie, Vice President, NERA Economic Consulting Neil Morganbesser, President, DelMorgan & Co. MODERATOR: Alex Kasdan, Senior Managing Director,...