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Key Issues and Strategies in Planning for Business Transitions

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WATCH THE REPLAY Family legacy and estate and tax planning have become a multi-advisor sport rife with potential conflicts and pitfalls.  Our panel of experts will discuss business and personal steps essential to planning for a successful business transition,...
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Liquidity Options for the Middle Market – Life Settlements

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WATCH THE REPLAY The pandemic has caused severe capital constraints for many companies across industry lines.  The panel of experts will discuss often-neglected liquidity options available to business owners and other life insurance policy holders, current dynamics of the...
Expert Webcast Essential Transition Planning for Owners of Closely Held Businesses

Planning and Strategies for Business Owners Contemplating a Sale

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WATCH THE REPLAY While the current crisis has had a severe negative impact on the economy, the current downturn and valuation uncertainties have also presented significant opportunities for business owners to engage in estate, wealth and tax planning in preparation for a...

Essential Personal, Corporate and Valuation Planning for Business Owners During the Global Crisis

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WATCH THE REPLAY COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on global economies, financial markets, entire industries and many, if not most, middle-market companies, as well as personal and professional lives of the C-suite and business owners. While the crisis and...

Maximizing Proceeds from a Sale of a Private Company

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SPEAKERS: Cristine M. Sapers, Partner, Loeb & Loeb Doug Himmel, Partner, Melville Capital Greg Wahl, Founding Partner, Anton & Chia Patric S. Zimmer, CEO, Development Advisors MODERATOR: Alexander B. Kasdan, DelMorgan & Co. MAJOR TOPICS: Timing and preparation...

Jun 16, 2016 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PDT: Implementing Succession Plans and Exit Strategies for Closely Held Businesses

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PANEL: Chrisine Sapers, Loeb & Loeb MODERATOR: Alex Kasdan, DelMorgan & Co.