Feb. 24 , 2022; 1-2PM PDT / 4-5PM EDT: Moving from Litigation to ADR

Speed to Resolution – Louisiana Judge Scott Schlegel says, “The backlog will not be solved by trying more cases.  It will be reduced by getting cases best served by ADR methods out of the pipeline.  Some do not merit bench time and could be settled faster by other means.”

The Guardian reported that the pandemic added as many as six years to the UK court backlog.  Ross Kartez, partner at Ruskin Moscou & Faltischek cited 2000 trial-ready cases in Nassau County New York alone: cases ready to go before a judge.  Even if each trial lasted one day and the court operated 24/7 – it would take years to process by which time another 4000 would be sitting in backlog.

ADR methods like mediation and arbitration provide a better, faster way for all involved, helping parties achieve resolution faster than traditional litigation methods.  And technological advancements prove we can conduct them safely, securely and under the rule of law – reaching accords, settlements and awards in tech-advanced ways.

Our panel will explore this move to ADR as a primary default – a move many states and some nations are actively exploring.


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